How to Increase Your Energy Levels Simply and Easily

When we are feeling tired and drained, we can easily miss out on the wonders and beauty of life.

I was with some friends the other day but in truth, I wasn’t truly present. My mind was elsewhere and my energy levels felt low and depleted.

How could I enjoy the company of my friends when I am not really present?

Many of us experience this. We may be with our family yet our thoughts are racing on about this or that. We appear to be there and yet deeper within us, a storm of conflicting thoughts and feelings rages on.

We are spending so much energy trying to push certain thoughts or feelings away and attempting to hold onto other ones. We exert ourselves trying to keep up appearances and trying to gain approval from the people around us. No wonder we feel so drained.

We can eat supplements, take energy pills, and try different herbs and remedies, but all these things are external to us and do not deal with the source of our depleted energy.

If we deal with the source of low levels of energy then we will not need to take anything.

So what is the source of low energy levels and how can we deal with it?

To the degree to which we are resisting thoughts, feelings, and life situations we are draining our life energy and experiencing life as an inner conflict. We ourselves are, knowingly or unknowingly, choosing to position ourselves against life. The result of this is feeling frustrated, attacked, vulnerable, and fearful. It is this accumulation of negative feelings that is the true source of the depletion we feel. Awareness of this allows the solution to reveal itself to us.

The simple and yet at times elusive remedy is simply to walk in the opposite direction; to learn how to sit with, be with, and deeply allow every feeling and thought with gentle compassion. As we allow and let go of resisting what we are feeling, a spaciousness is generated within ourselves.

This spaciousness allows feelings to move and change all by themselves. Naturally, deep allowing gives space for all the stuffed negative feelings to release all by themselves and very rapidly, we can feel much lighter, happier, and far more energised.

Imagine it as though we have this massive dam within us that blocks off the flow of feelings. This dam can be felt right now. It is that feeling of “no” or “I don’t want this here, I want another feeling”. This dam of resistance blocks whatever we say no to.

Instead of naturally passing through us, all the negative feelings start to accumulate and press up against this dam we have created. As it presses up against us, we try to build a bigger dam to contain it all. But one day, the pressure is too great and the dam starts to burst. A sudden emotional storm is felt.

Instead of waiting for the dam to burst, right now we can start to dismantle the dam we have built up. We can do this so simply and easily that the mind doesn’t believe it. Good thing there is no need to believe anything, rather, all that is required is to be willing to try this out and see what happens for yourself:

By saying yes or welcome to whatever feeling arises within us, we are gently dismantling the dam and allowing ourselves to live in harmony and peace.

Below is an exercise that can deeply support this.

It is a kind of nap for the spirit that can rejuvenate and restore you in a very deep way.

It can be hard to recognise just how depleted we feel, but after this nap for the spirit, this becomes far more apparent.

Nap for the Spirit

Allow yourself to read through the questions one by one and answer as honestly as possible. Take your time and feel into the answer. It’s not about answering it logically, intellectually, or conceptually but rather, what is far more helpful is to sense what the question is pointing at.

We all have this capacity to sense the essence of the question. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn this or you may already be familiar with this innate capacity. Either way, allow yourself to trust in the process and in yourself. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment and let’s explore this together. Now, onto the exercise:

  1. Without trying to do anything about it, could you just simply notice any thoughts, feelings, sensations, and/or memories that are arising?
  2. PAUSE. (Before moving on, take a moment to let this sink in. Let yourself have more than enough time.)
  3. Could you allow it all to be exactly as it appears to be?
  4. PAUSE.
  5. Is there any wanting to change any of it? Feel into that feeling of “wanting to change” it — what does it feel like?
  6. PAUSE.
  7. Could you let it be ok as it is?
  8. PAUSE.
  9. Could you let go of wanting to change anything? Just for now.
  10. PAUSE.
  11. Could you let go even more?
  12. Keep letting go until there is nothing to let go of anymore.

Feel free to explore this deeper and use these questions as a guided meditation. Let yourself be with the questions and don’t worry about doing anything about it, instead, allow the question to work on and through you.

If you’d like some deeper support with this, you are most welcome to join the free group session “How to Increase your Energy” by typing the link below into your browser:

May you enjoy an abundance of energy and aliveness.




Open deeply to seeing the generosity of life | Heart of Abundance Free Mini-Course →

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Nick Shibanov

Nick Shibanov

Open deeply to seeing the generosity of life | Heart of Abundance Free Mini-Course →

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