If love spoke

What would love say if it spoke?

This is an exploration of that.

When you were born, you were given a name. Over time, you experienced certain things that led you to believe the world is a reflection of what you have experienced.

You believe that you are your name, your personality, and your experiences.

But I have known you before you had a name and a personality. Before you experienced hurt and pain. Before you came to believe what you do now about the world.

I have been with you for longer than you remember.

I see you. I have always seen you and my gentle embrace has kept you safe. In your darkest times, I have gently held you and kept you safe. You did not notice me because I do not cry out for attention. I want nothing from you and everything for you.

Whether you see me or not. Whether you care about me or not. I am here for you every step of the way. This has not ever changed and cannot change for I know only how to love.

I see your confusion. You think your safety comes from fear, worry, thinking, and your own efforts.

In your confusion, you believe things that are not true. I am your safety and I am your life. But I do not want anything from you — I am here for you.

For a long time, you looked away from me. You looked to things outside yourself and so you could not sense my presence within you.

You tried to find me in relationships — hoping they would save you and bring you comfort.

You tried to cover up the hurt and run away from the pain of losing sight of me.

I see your hurt. I see your pain.

Gently and without discrimination, I embrace it all.

You need not look away any moment longer.

Pause. Take a breath. Stop chasing and see what is already present and has never left. This is how you can find me.

If only you were to stop for a moment and recognise my familiar face. I am closer than you can imagine or conceive.

I am beyond any thoughts or notions you have about me — you will not find me there. Looking in the mind you will find only misery.

Forget all of that for a single moment and abide with me in the faith that I am here right now.

I am your heart. I am the love you feel for your pet and family. I am your strength and courage. I am not separate from what you are.

Abide as what you already are. Stop running. Stop hiding. Stop fighting. Stop everything. If only for a moment. You are yet to fully realise the power of simply stopping. Come and discover it.

Every day, I am here. My patience is beyond understanding or comprehension.

As you read this, I am here. Lean on me in faith. Lend me your toubled mind and watch as I relieve all your troubles.

Nothing has to change in order for you to feel my presence. With a simple question, you heart can open to my presence:

“Could I welcome the possibility that love is here now, even if it’s not obvious yet?”




Open deeply to seeing the generosity of life | Heart of Abundance Free Mini-Course → https://nickshibanov.aweb.page/p/e5db23be-b9af-4f80-b489-d5ac5d4f6a63

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Nick Shibanov

Nick Shibanov

Open deeply to seeing the generosity of life | Heart of Abundance Free Mini-Course → https://nickshibanov.aweb.page/p/e5db23be-b9af-4f80-b489-d5ac5d4f6a63

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