Letting Go and Being Happy

Is there anything on your mind lately? Perhaps something that you feel weighs you down?

Perhaps it’s regret. Perhaps worry. Perhaps anger at someone — or yourself.

Whatever it is, there is great news.

That is just a feeling. It’s not what you are. It’s not something you have to keep carrying. It’s just a feeling that has arisen so that it can now be released.

Any feeling, thought, or belief, can be let go and set free. It is natural to let go. It is easy. It is effortless. The feeling that it is hard is just a feeling and we can let go of that too.

Today, you have already let go.

When you were asleep, perhaps you had a dream. In that dream, there was a whole world of meaning. As you got up, eventually you let go of that whole world and embraced the day that was in front of you.

When you take a step, you let go of each step you take and focus on the one you’re taking — you don’t try to hold onto the last step, you just keep walking. Sound silly and obvious? See, letting go is so natural to us that we completely miss it when it happens right in front of us. Each step is new and fresh. You are effortlessly taking fresh steps each moment and letting go of each step as you take it — without even thinking about it. That’s how easy letting go is.

We can treat every thought and feeling that arises in the exact same way. Instead of trying to hold onto it for some sense of familiarity and security, we can let ourselves let go of each thought and feeling in the moment as it arises.

It can be as easy as asking ourselves “Could I let this go?”

Instead of thinking about that question, just ask yourself and answer directly and honestly. In truth, we can always let anything go but often, we simply are not willing or can have trouble recognising that there is something that could be let go of.

Find yourself struggling? Not a worry! You have endless opportunities throughout the day to try again until it becomes easier and more intuitive. Don’t give up — keep asking yourself the simple question and with time, your inner wisdom will reveal itself. Life is very generous and forgiving. Even just sincerely asking this question once a day will change the course of your life.

To make it easier, it’s helpful to realise that there are many times when you have let go. Have you ever let someone off the hook? Have you ever laughed at yourself? Then you have let go without even knowing.

Letting go is similar to breathing; we do it all the time and often don’t realise that we are. So one way to let go is just to simply start noticing all the times throughout your day when you let go of something. When you let go of being angry at someone and love them instead. When you let go of wanting someone to message you back. When you let go of feeling sorry for yourself and smile instead. When you smile with an earnest heart.

Whenever you feel lighter, happier, and freer, then you have just witnessed letting go in action. That’s what happens when we let go — we, often instantly, feel lighter, happier, and freer.

So why don’t we let go? What blocks us from feeling lighter, and freer? If you have questions and would like some clarity with how you can feel instantly lighter and freer, you’ll enjoy the upcoming Live Course “Letting Go and Being Happy.” To learn more about it you can click here.

Summing everything up, here is something helpful to remember: you can let anything go and instantly feel happier.

Don’t think about it but rather, just try it out and see what happens.

I get it — that can bring up fear. It’s the fear of not knowing what will happen. The fear of losing control. Well, to make it easier, ask yourself this — are you actually in control of the thoughts and feelings or do they just come up spontaneously and un-asked?

See — letting go is so much easier than it seems. There is really nothing to it. Yet sometimes it feels like the hardest thing in the world! Good thing that is just another feeling that can be let go of.

Did this make sense? Do you have any questions? What does letting go mean to you? Feel free to share in the comments.






Open deeply to seeing the generosity of life | Heart of Abundance Free Mini-Course → https://nickshibanov.aweb.page/p/e5db23be-b9af-4f80-b489-d5ac5d4f6a63

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Nick Shibanov

Nick Shibanov

Open deeply to seeing the generosity of life | Heart of Abundance Free Mini-Course → https://nickshibanov.aweb.page/p/e5db23be-b9af-4f80-b489-d5ac5d4f6a63

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